HI! Thanks for dropping by my blog.  My name is Erin (aka Pickles) and welcome to Ultraordinary Runner Girl (URG).  Yes, I just made an acronym out of my blog name! “Why?” you ask.  Simple…I’ve worked for the government long enough that making something into an acronym is normal.  I can even say complete sentences made up entirely of acronyms.

URG officially started in 2015 although I’ve been writing a paper blog (A JOURNAL) since I learned to write.  GASP! “A journal!?!?!”  Yes…actual pen and paper (usually with colored ink AND in cursive). I’ve also sent emails or uploaded Facebook posts about my runs, thoughts, fears and races to friends and family for years.  I believe in the motto “sharing is caring!”  That and sometimes I want people to read/hear the crazy things that pop into my head while running.  I am not your typical endurance athlete, as my athletic career started with gymnastics and softball.  I was more of a sprinter who could squat the equivalent of a football lineman (with the quads to prove it!).  That being said, I always ran, but you can say I officially began longer distance running on my first deployment in 2005. Running is a FANTASTIC stress management, and I caught the bug.  Each race, whether run or triathlon, got longer and longer each time.

I choose the name for many reasons, but no more so because it fits me.  I run ultras and endurance events, am just an ordinary (whatever “ordinary” REALLY  means) girl with a full time (10-15 hours/day) job, who loves running the most of all my 3 disciplines.  The premise of these posts is an outlet for my pondering…endurance athletes have a lot of time/distance to think great and existential thoughts…and to provide answers(or humorous responses) to questions I get on my “crazy” pursuits.  I also hope to provide some entertainment, sarcasm, and maybe some motivation:)

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