Western States 100 Lottery…EEEEK!

The eagle has no fear of adversity.  We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror. – Joyce Meyer

This past weekend I threw my name in the hat for the 2017 Western States Endurance Run lottery, and now I feel a little sick to my stomach.  Granted I will not find out until December 3 if my name is one of the names called to accept this challenge; however, just the idea of running this historic and challenge race gives me chills and makes me feel a bit ill.  My Umstead100 finish proved to be a qualifier and I could not stop myself from waking up early (0500) on Saturday.  From the first time I picked up Dean Karnazes’ “UltraMarathon Man,” Western States has been a dream goal of mine, something that has only grown stronger after reading ultra books by amazing runners like Pam Reed, Scott Jurek, and Hal Koerner.

Should I get a slot in Western States, I have a long, tough road ahead of me…and that’s not even talking about the race itself.  Living near the ocean I do not have many mountains or even hills to conquer and will need to push myself to the limits and head west almost every weekend to get in some proper training.  It is a good thing my favorite running memories are the sound of my shoes hitting leaves on a single or double track trail in the woods.   More than the difficulty of finding appropriate training venues, I will need to get my head into the best mental state possible as this will be a trial to which I have never seen the likes.  Like the eagle referenced in the quote above, I need not fear the adversity of this challenge and shall aim to embody the spirit of the conqueror should Western States pick me.  PICK ME PICK ME!

All that being said, I have to admit I was feeling motivated last weekend and this week and had amazing workouts.  Plus, the air was crisp and the sky was brilliantly blue.  What is not to like on days like that?

So while I am anxious to find out if I earned the right to bring my feet to the starting line of the epic Western States, I am excited to even have the opportunity.  Wish me luck!

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